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Connecting the Sensors

If there are no sensors connected to your SM2-MU device, go to Next >>

Connect the sensors to the SM2-MU according to the following pictures:

Irradiation Sensor

In this picture you see to which terminal on the SM2-MU connects each pin of the irradiance sensor.

To be connected with 10 meters cable with pressed-in connector. Connect the cable to SM2-MU terminals and the pressed-in connector to the irradiation sensor.

In case you use grey PUR cable with M8F connector, follow these instructions:

1. First connect separate lines of PUR cable to the pins of M8F connector.

2. Connect the PUR cable to SM2-MU terminals and the M8F connector to the irradiation sensor.

PV Panel Sensor

Connect the pressed-in connector of PV panel sensor cable to the irradiation sensor.

Ambiente Temperature Sensor

Connect blue or brown silicone cable to the SM2-MU terminals.

Solar Monitor can operate up to 10 sensors. The total length of cabling must not exceed 100 meters. In case of multiple sensors connect each cable parallelly into the same terminals.

You can find several connection schemes of sensors here.

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