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Basic features

The Solar Monitor system is made by Czech company Solar Monitor ltd. All information and contacts to be found on Our product was developed to offer maximum convenience for controlling, continuous monitoring, invoicing and reporting of a PV plant in the Czech Republic.

Main features:

Simple installation of the base module and expansion modules on the wall or DIN rail
Czech user interface
Easy to use
Maximum functionality
High reliability
Low power consumption
Easy configuration via web interface
Usage doesn't require installation of additional software on the PC

Key functions:

Weather conditions monitoring (air temperature, PV panel temperature, exposure, wind velocity and direction, and additional sensors can be implemented)
Monitoring the inverter status, error reading, operational data retrieving
Connection for up to 100 inverters (depends on type)
Electrometer shows the values of energy produced
Monitoring two contact inputs (e.g. theft, movement, optical barrier…)
Automatic alarm for sending e-mail or text message to the user for defined status (texting requires GSM modem)
In-built invoicing and reporting required by the Czech legislation
Optional connection to the portal offers the option of large-scale analysis
Connection of expansion modules (GSM module, Power control module, Analog Digital inputs and outputs module) available
Shows history of measured values for easy detection of a problem e.g. in network
Replaces data logger supplied by inverter manufacturer

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