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Reading Inverters via RS 485

To be set up in the submenu Find Devices

Type of Protocol

Select manufacturer of your device.

For inverter with full duplex connection only parameters for A and B must be set up.

For inverter with half duplex connection you can choose terminals A,B or Y,Z. Another option is connecting multiple inverters in two branches. One branch is to be connected to A,B terminals, second one to Y,Z terminals. More info on how to connect inverters here.

Bit Rate

Select bit rate. All inverters and Solar Monitor unit must have the same value. Info on bit rate (its value or changing the value) to be found in inverter's documentation or in communication card's documentation.

Read Connected Inverters
Press button in order to detect inverters connected to SM2-MU.

Detection can take up to several minutes depending on the type of protocol.

Inverters must be on, i.e. they must have sufficient electrical current coming from PV panels.

When the detection is finished, the list of connected inverters is displayed.

Save the changes you have made .

For detailed info on inverter's production click on a particular inverter in the menu Production Overview.

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