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Basic module parameters

Max. number of devices1
SM2-MU Basic and SM2-MU Start 1 device1
SM2-MU 60 6 devices1
SM2-MU 300 30 devices1
SM2-MU 1000 100 devices1
Supported devices1 Ethernet or serial bus connected
Communication Ethernet (TCP), up to 3 serial ports
Inverter protocols AEG, Carlo Gavazzi, Danfoss, Delta, Diehl, Fronius, IBC Solar, Kaco, Kostal, Mastervolt, Morningstar, Omron, Pairan, Power‑One, Refusol, Riello UPS, Santerno, Satcon, Schneider‑Electric, Siemens, Siliken, SMA, Solarmax, Solutronic, Studer, Sungrow, Sunville, Sunways, Vacon, Xantrex
Meter protocols ABB (REX521), Carlo Gavazzi (VMU-E/X), Fronius (Smart Meter), KMB (SMC-144, PA-144), Phoenix Contact (MA200/250), Schneider‑Electric (SEPAM, PM9), Yorix (GreenBonO), ZPA (IEC 62056-21)
Sensors Dallas 1-wire bus
Interface Screw terminals for 05 mm² - 15 mm² cores
Max. count 10 sensors
Max. distance 100 m, recommended max. cable length for daisy‑chained sensors with minimal trunk segments
Ethernet interface (LAN)
Interface RJ45 (100BASE-T) -100Mbit/s, compatible with networks 10/100/1000 Mbit/s, auto MDIX
Protocols HTTP, SOAP, DNS, UDP Setup, Telnet, ARP, ICMP, SMTP, SNMP, Modbus
RS485 / RS422 / RS232
Interfaces 2x RS485 or 1x RS4222
piggy-back hardware options 3
2x RS485 or 1x RS422 opto-isolated2
1x RS485 + 1x RS232
1x RS485 + 1x RS232 opto-isolated
SM2-BE extension module
1x RS232 + 1x RS485 surge protected4
Speed 300 .. 115.200 bps (software configurable)2, 5
Termination Yes, both for half and full duplex, configurable with jumpers
Inputs opto-electronically isolated
3x digital inputs (DI) software configurable between dry contact or S0 pulse meter inputs (e.g. from electrometer)
Max. distance 30 m (depends on cable)
1x relay 32 V, 3 A, protected with power fuse
Electrical parameters
Power supply 9-35 V DC, typ. 1.2 W @ 12V
DI1, DI2, DI3 8-80 V
1 Wire Interface provides 5 V power supply, max. 350 mA, protected with 500 mA power fuse.
RS485 Protected against transient voltages above 6.8V and against high currents with 10Ω resistors. Additional surge protection can be achieved with SM2-BE (bus extension) module with gas discharge tubes:
Minimum DC Sparkover (100 V/s) 185 V
Service life:
150 operations 8/20 μs 250 A, 1.2/50, 500 V (IEC61643-21)
20 operations 2/10 μs, 5 kV, 500 A
2 operations 8/20 μs, 1 kA
Mechanical parameters
Dimensions 71.6 x 89.7 x 62.2 mm
Mounting DIN rail
Screw terminals 05 mm² - 15 mm² cable cores
Degree of protection IP20
Operating temperature 0 .. +70 °C
LED diodes Status, RS485, Sensors
Extension options
Interface HBUS (DIN rail, bottom pluggable, no external wires needed)
Extension modules SM2-PC, SM2-AD, SM2-DI, SM2-GSM, SM2-BE

1 … A device represents an inverter, stringbox, MPP tracker, battery monitor, meter or any other device which can be detected on any serial bus or via ethernet communication.

2 … Can be configured by software (web UI, XML).

3 … Piggy-back functionality replaces the “2x RS485 or 1x RS422” interface.

4 … SM2-BE is mutually exclusive to the SM2-GSM usage. 2x SM2-BE modules can be also used to extend the HBUS connection between SM2 modules.

5 … Communication speeds are available according to selected device communication protocols.

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