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Frequently Asked Questions

I have connected inverters to the Solar Monitor unit, but they are not shown in unit's web interface. Why?
Are the inverters connected properly? Have you configured inverters in order to communicate with data logger (address, protocol, terminal)? Is communication card all right? Have you set up the Solar Monitor unit for communication with inverters (interface, protocol type, transmission speed)? Have you detected inverters in your unit?

Can Solar Monitor record data in time period shorter than one hour?
It can. Solar Monitor records date in fixed time period of one hour. In case you need shorter time period, use our web portal, where you can choose 5 min., 15 min., 30 min. or 1 hour intervals.

Why does connected sensor stop being monitored and then starts being monitored again repeatedly? I have changed the wiring and connected another sensor, but monitoring keeps failing.
There is possibility of interference when there are more high voltage cables together in the box. Try to change the wiring, if possible, so that the sensor cable isn't near other cables.

Can I use UTP cable instead of PUR cable for irradiation sensor?
Yes, for short distance (up to 10 m) you can replace PUR cable by UTP cable.

Can I have more data loggers in one PV plant?
Yes, on condition they are not on the same bus RS485.

My Solar Monitor is connected to the ethernet and I use your utility ETool to connect to unit's web interface. But when I start ETool, it doesn't detect the unit.
Make sure that ETool isn't blocked in Windows Firewall.

Although I have set up LAN in Solar Monitor, there are problems with time synchronization and sending e-mails. Time doesn't synchronize and when I set up the time manually, it changes again. Moreover, e-mails can't be sent.
Check box Secondary DNS in unit's web interface LAN setting.

I forgot the password and I am unable to configure the unit. What can I do?
There is a button Reset at the front panel. Press it 5 times in succession with an interval of approximately 1 sec. Unit setup is completely deleted and default setting renewed.

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