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Digital Inputs and Outputs


Solar Monitor has 3 digital inputs DI. It is easy to connect movement sensor, surge, optical barrier, door sensor and various other devices that use contact inputs to indicate its status. Any of the inputs DI1, DI2, DI3 can be used for measuring energy at the electrometer on condition that it has pulse output SO.

Pulse output S0 is a special measuring output where there the electrometer generates pulses by switching. Solar Monitor unit counts the pulses and converts the pulses to kWh in selected conversion coefficient.

Conversion coefficient differs according to the electrometer's type and in most cases it doesn't correspond with the number of LED diode pulses. It is very important to select the right coefficient for SO output. Most electrometers have 250/kwh number of pulses at the LED diode and 1000/kwh at the output SO. You will find out how to enter the right coefficient into Solar Monitor unit in chapter Inputs & Counters.

In order to use inputs you have to bring power signal DC- to the terminal DCOM . In order to switch on the input you have to bring power signal DC+ to appropriate terminal DI.

It is possible to connect more devices to a single contact loop and monitor the entire circuit as one name. But if one device changes contact status, you won't be able to identify which device has caused the alarm.


You can choose one relay which is in SM2-MU. The relay can switch on the ventilation according to current ambiente temperature or it can control the boiler (must be connected via contactor) according to the current energy production etc.

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