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Overview gives you overall information about your PV plant.

This menu shows all important information about your PV plant. If there is an alarm status of any component (it doesn't work properly or exceeds limit values) it is highlighted in colours.

Orange colour appears immediately after exceeding the limits. With sensors that send notification (e-mail, SMS) or record alarms in history, this status is considered an alarm after the “sensor alarm delay” runs out. Red colour appears, notification to the user is sent and/or it is recorded in alarm history.

Relevant sensor setup, time delays before alarm announcement and ways of notification to the user to be found in chapter Sensors and alarms.

Produced Energy, Earnings

These boxes show today's and total production in kWh and today's and total revenue in Czech crowns. Revenue is calculated roughly: multiply number of kWh produced by current Green Bonus price (or obligatory purchase). You have to set up the prices in menu Billing/Price setting, see chapter Inputs & Counters.

Supply, Consumption

In order to show supply and consumption, a meter (e.g. GreenBonO) must be connected to Solar Monitor. Counting supply and consumption must be set up in the menu of Inputs and counters.


This box shows all detected sensors and their current values. The values are updated every second. You can name sensors and set up limit values in menu System setting/Sensors and alarms, see chapter Sensors and alarms.

Inputs and Outputs

It shows current status of two binary inputs and one relay output in Solar Monitor unit. Each input has two possible states: Opened or Closed. You can use these inputs to connect any component with contact status signaling - e.g. surge, movement sensor, door sensor, optical barrier or security output.
Inputs are able to distinguish 100 millisecond.

You will find Description of input connection and their set up in chapter Digital inputs and outputs.

With SM2-AD module, SM2-DI module connected, it shows current status of inputs and outputs of these modules.

Information from devices

All connected and correctly set up inverters, MPPT trackers, batteries, meters are shown here, including their status, current regime, output and temperature. These values come straight from the inverters every second.

Some manufacturers don't give all parameters (e.g. temperature).

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