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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the portal work? Why does it record figures coming both from electrometer and inverters although only recording from the electrometer has been set up in the unit? Where do I find the production graph?
Figure from the electrometer represents Total. It means that if recording from the electrometer has been set up, in production summary it is shown as total energy produced (figure from the electrometer is more accurate and essential for invoicing). In this case figures from connected inverters are only shown in the Solar Monitor unit, not recorded. If there is an option of sending data to the portal available, Solar Monitor sends the data to the portal where it is recorded. Figures from the electrometer are presented at the portal in Menu/Graphs/Submenu /Total Production and Irradiation. Figures of inverter output are shown in Menu/ Quantities/ Inverter's Production.

Why is unit's status at the portal offline and why no data come from the PV plant to the portal?
In the unit's submenu Network & Time check Network Settings and Portal Setup. Check the unit's current time. Click on button Synchronize time with the server. If the unit still doesn't display the current time, try changing SNTP server setup (change to or

When you have done that, click on button Send testing data. In case everything has been set up correctly, a message Sent successfully appears.

I have set up sending data to the portal in the Solar Monitor unit. How do I log in my PV plant to the portal for the first time?
Default setting login name is last six letters of Solar Monitor MAC address (without colon, to be found at the bottom of the unit). Password is password. Use this to log in for the first time. We recommend changing name and password afterwards.

Why is inverter's error visible in the unit and not visible at the portal in alarm section?
Check unit's menu System set up/ Sensors and Alarms to see if you have ticked Sending alarms to the portal.

There is a password set up to the PV plant at the portal but the PV plant is accessible from any PC without the password. How do I prevent this?
Public access has been set up. In the menu Administration/ Login disable the Public access.

In Solar Monitor's web interface, section Sending data to the portal show - Sending error (1552). What does it mean?
Your license for the portal has expired. You can prolong the license in our eshop, where you can find further information on various versions of the portal. You can use this link to contact us with other inquiries.

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