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It compares estimated and real output of a PV plant in a particular year. Data is presented on condition that you fill in information in submenu Administration/Data for audit.

Graph's time period

Graph can show a particular year. Time period stipulates the year shown in the graph.

button Previous shifts time period one year backward. When we click on back arrow and it shows the previous year etc.
button Next shifts time period one year forward. When we click on forward arrow and it shows the next year etc.

  • A year (a current year) - when you click here it shows a graph of a current year.

Annual audit

A survey of real enrgy output in each month of a particular year compared to output estimated by PVGIS a ČHMÚ.

Output estimated by PVGIS. PVGIS is a mathematical model of European Committee that can calculate energy production in a particular place in Europe or Africa. It uses both data from satellite measurement and ground meteorologic stations.
Output estimated by ČHMÚ. Data ČHMÚ come from measurement of ground meteorologic stations.
Real energy output of your PV plant.

Vertical bars of a corresponding colour show monthly production, horizontal bars of a corresponding colour show average annual production.

Click here to show the survey of output with average irradiation.

Survey of output with average irradiation

It provides detailed survey and compares monthly irradiation values with estimated and real production.

Average irradiation [W/m2]
Average of values from the irradiation sensor ( on condition there is an irradiation sensor connected to the Solar Monitor unit).

Energy produced [kWh]
Energy really produced per month.

  • red value - estimated output higher than real
  • green value - real output higher than estimated

Estimated production according to PVGIS.

ČHMU [kWh]
Estimated production according to ČHMÚ.

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