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10. Sending data to the Portal

Solar Monitor Portal offers detailed analysis and reporting to .

With your permission the data from devices connected to SM2-RM inputs is recorded at the Portal.

How to Enable Sending Data

Go to menu System Setup/Time and Network in your SM2-RM.

Enable sending to the Portal

… and save the changes . The unit starts sending data to the Portal in given time period.

If you wish, you can test communication with the portal:

Click on button

The Portal receives test message and delivery status is displayed. When the message arrives, a new account for your data is created at the

In order to log in at the Portal, use name from default setting. It is last 6 signs of SM2-MU MAC address (enter without colons, to be found at the bottom of the unit). Password is password. Use these to log in for the first time, then we recommend changing the name and the password.

With Solar Monitor Portal you have the possibility to report to automatically.

Thank you. Your device has been configured.

For detailed setup and module description go to this part of manual.

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