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Basic Characteristics

RM module has been designed for remote measurement of electro meters, gas and water meters. Other devices that require measuring pulses or binary status can be connected as well. Ideal solution for remote electro meter measurement with sending you production data and automatic reporting for power distributor.

RM module has three binary inputs available, which makes online reading of your devices easy and comfortable.

RM module can be also used for monitoring status of connected devices, i.e. whether it is on or off. There is a choice of sending an email with each change of status.

Solar Monitor system has been designed and produced by a Czech company Solar Monitor Ltd. Current complete information including contacts to be found at www.solarmonitor.cz.

Key Features

Easy installation on the wall or the DIN rail
Czech/English user interface
Easy to use
Maximum functionality
Top-level reliability
Low energy consumption
Easy and intuitive configuration via web interface
No additional software required

Key Functions

Easy monitoring
Remote measurement of produced power, consumed power, water and gas
Monitoring of up to three inputs (e.g. theft, movement, optical barrier)
Alarm function allows sending user a notification e-mail for pre-defined status
Optional connection to the portal allows reporting to a distributor, production/consumption overview (saving values in history, detailed graphs)
Web server function

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