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Inputs & Meters

In SM2-RM go to menu System Setup/Inputs & Meters.

Input 1, Input 2, Input 3

Assign each input its function.

If you assign input Counter function, it will count pulses.

You can erase pulse score by changing energy correction, by changing input function (Reader, Inactive) or by pressing a reset button for 4 sec. The reset button is at the top of the box bellow Status diode. You can use e.g. a paper clip to press the button.

If you choose Input function, there will be value 1 or 2 (connected, disconnected) in “Overview”.

In case there is no device connected, choose Inactive.

You can assign the input any name (e.g. electrometer, gas meter, door sensor…).

Meter Type
Select appropriate meter for measured value (power, gas, water).

If you want to measure power, select reading energy production or consumption.

Number of Pulses per 1 (kWh, m³)
Fill in the number of pulses per a unit (kWh, m³), that your meter generates at the SO output. This information is stated at the meter's label or in its documentation. If wrong number of pulses is entered, SM2-RM will show wrong production or consumption values.

It is essential that electro meter's pulse output is configured for delivery.

Default setting is reading pulses from the electro meter, value 1000 pulses per 1 kWh. If your electro meter shows a different number, change the setting.

The number of impulses per 1 kWh is usually between 250-1000 imp/1kWh. In case there are 2 possible numbers of impulses at your electro meter, the lower number is usually the right one for the SO output.
The higher number tells you how often a LED diode at your electro meter switches on.

In case you need to setup number of pulses other than 1000 per 1 kWh než 1000, it is essential to differentiate between direct and indirect measurement:

1. Direct Measuring

In the electro meter's label or documentation find out how many pulses per 1 kWh your electro meter generates at the SO output. Fill in this value into relevant box in SM2-RM menu.

2. Indirect Measuring

In the electro meter's label or documentation find out how many pulses per 1 kWh your electro meter generates at the SO output. Use this number in calculation, see example bellow.

Example: Electro meter's label states 10 000 impulses per 1 kWh.

Look at the indirect power measuring transformer (1 transformer connected to each phase) and find a ratio (e.g. 150A/5A). Use the result of this ratio (30 in this example) in the formula (10 000/30). Fill in the whole formula (i.e. 10000/30) into box Number of Pulses per 1kWh.

Meter Correction
This box is used for initial setting up SM2-RM and pulse meter. Fill in current value of kWh or m³ that your meter displays.

Nominal Capacity [kWp]
In case your device reads power produced in your PV plant, fill in the box Nominal Capacity.

Example of another input function:

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