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You have to fill in correct data in the submenu Billing/Prices/Reports.

Data for billing

There are three methods for filling in the data.

You can fill in each box separately, you can use backup configurational xml file from the Solar Monitor unit, or enter the data straight from the Solar Monitor unit when you enter its public IP address.

Before you use configurational file backup Solar Monitor unit's configuration on your PC. Then click on button to find the route to this file in your PC. When you click on all boxes are filled in at the same time.

Next option how to enter all data straight form the unit is to enter its public IP address. Then you just click on button

Second and third option is available on condition that all billing data have already been filled in and saved in the Solar Monitor unit.


Identification data

Manufacturer, Operator DS, Purchaser: fill in data for each subject.

Power producing data

ID Reg. of market participant: Enter IDROUTE. This identification is given by the Energy Market Operator (OTE).
EAN (18): Enter 18-figures number of EAN production site.
Number of electrometer: Enter manufacturing number of the main (four quadrant) electrometer at transaction point.
Mark / order number: Enter identification number of your contract or production site as specified in your PDS.
Number of contract with PDS: Enter number of contract regarding regulated payments of renewable resources energy signed with your PDS.
Date of contract with PDS: Enter the date of signing the above mentioned contract.
Number of contract with the purchaser: Enter the number of contract with purchaser of your surplus energy.
Date of contract with the purchaser: Enter the date of signing the above mentioned contract.

Invoice setting

Manufacturer is: Select entrepreneur / company
Registered at the register in:/ registered at the court in: Entrepreneur - enter the Register where your license is registered, Company - enter the court where your company is registered.
Number of your trade license: / File mark: Entrepreneur - enter the number of your trade license, Company - Enter file mark.
Method of payment: select method of payment of issued invoices.
Due date : Enter the due date of your invoices.
Variable symbol: Enter variable symbol for invoices you have issued (note: if you don't fill in this box, the symbol will be generated from the number of your invoice, entered before printing. If it contains letters, they will be ignored).
Invoice issued by: Enter the name of person in charge of invoicing.
Phone number of the person in charge of invoicing: Enter the phone number.

Remember to save the changes you have made in the setting


Enter up-to-date prices valid for that year.

Price setting

Subsidy regime: Select regime of your production site (Green bonus / Obligatory purchase).
Green bonus / Obligatory purchase: Enter main purchase price according to the date of launching your PV plant and current conditions. You will get this info at ERU.
Decentralized production: Enter the price for decentralized production. You will get info about the price from distribution system operator (PDS).
Market price: Enter the price for which you sell your surplus energy to other subjects. You will find this price in respective contract.
VAT: Tick if you pay the VAT.
VAT rate: Enter the VAT in percent.
Currency: Enter the currency of your state.

Remember to save the changes you have made to the setting


Production site information

Name of production site: Enter exact name of production site according to the license given by Energy Regulatory Office (ERÚ)
Production site - region: Enter the region where production site is located. Including “region” or “capital”.
Number of production license: Enter number of your production license.
Type of renewable resource: Select type of renewable resource.
Launch date: Enter the launch date.

Production site parameters

Voltage at the transmission point: Enter voltage at transmission point. E.g.: 230 or 400 (for three phase connection).
Denomination according to the contract: Enter denomination of the transmission point according to the contract regarding connection.


Issued in: Enter the place where it was issued.
Issued by: Enter the name of person in charge of invoicing.
Production report according to: Select required form of report according to contractual documentation from your distribution system operator.
Region: Enter the region's name.

Remember to save the changes you have made in the setting

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